Our attention to detail is a major differentiating factor between Mamba PC and other providers. Our ability to really get to know our patients allows us to provide whole-person, personalized care that doesn’t exist in medicine today.

Dr. Hassan Akram, D.O.

American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians

Our Services

Personalized Healthcare Plans

Mamba Physicians will create customized healthcare plans for each patient, tailored to their unique health needs, lifestyle, and medical history.

Direct Physician Communication

Patients will have direct physician communication to their healthcare providers via phone, email, or secure messaging platforms, ensuring prompt medical attention and support.

Extended Appointment Times

Longer appointment durations allow physicians to conduct comprehensive assessments, answer questions, and address all patient concerns thoroughly.

Preventive Care

Mamba Physicians will focus on preventive medicine, offering regular health screenings, vaccinations, and lifestyle recommendations to promote overall wellness.

Chronic Disease Management

Specialized care for patients with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma, aiming to improve quality of life and manage symptoms effectively.

Urgent Care and Same-Day Appointments

Patients will have priority access to same-day appointments and urgent medical care services for immediate healthcare needs.

Home Visits

In certain circumstances, Mamba Physicians will offer home visits for patients who require medical attention but may find it challenging to visit the office.

Wellness and Nutrition Counseling

Personalized guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition advice, exercise recommendations, and stress management techniques.

Telemedicine Services

Convenient virtual consultations for patients who prefer remote healthcare access or may have difficulty visiting the office in person.

Coordination of Specialists

Mamba Physicians will facilitate referrals and collaborate with a network of trusted specialists to provide comprehensive and integrated healthcare.

Travel Medicine and Vaccinations

Pre-travel health assessments, vaccinations, and medical advice to ensure patients stay healthy during their travels.

Executive Health Programs

Tailored health programs designed to meet the specific needs of busy executives, including comprehensive health evaluations and ongoing support.

Lifestyle Medicine

Integrating evidence-based lifestyle interventions to address health conditions and promote long-term health and well-being.

Chronic Pain Management

Comprehensive pain management plans for patients dealing with chronic pain, utilizing a multimodal approach to improve comfort and functionality.

Mental Health and Stress Management

Offering mental health support, counseling, and stress management techniques to address emotional well-being.

Virtual Health Monitoring

Utilizing technology to remotely monitor certain health metrics and provide proactive care for patients with chronic conditions.

Annual Health Assessments

Comprehensive annual check-ups to track health progress and identify any potential health concerns.

In-Office Procedures

Performing a range of minor medical procedures in the comfort of the office to enhance patient convenience.

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