Our attention to detail is a major differentiating factor between Mamba PC and other providers. Our ability to really get to know our patients allows us to provide whole-person, personalized care that doesn’t exist in medicine today.

Dr. Hassan Akram, D.O.

American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians

What Makes Us Different


Welcome to MAMBA Physician Care – your premium concierge family medicine hub in central Florida. With our intentionally limited practice size, we prioritize you, offering unparalleled individualized attention. We're not your typical medical practice. Here, we invest the time to deeply understand you, ensuring each examination is thorough and every care plan is tailor-made.

If the journey requires visiting specialists or hospital admissions, we've got you covered. Stay connected as we streamline appointments and ensure seamless communication between all your healthcare providers.

Navigating the often-complex medical landscape? You won't do it alone. At MAMBA Physician Care, we stand as your unwavering health advocate. Experience healthcare the way it should be—personal, comprehensive, and always on your side


Step into the world of holistic healthcare with Dr. Akram at MAMBA Physician Care. Backed by the esteemed certification from the American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians, he sets a gold standard in patient care in central Florida. Embodying the osteopathic pillars of compassion, empathy, and attentive listening, Dr. Akram integrates the famed Mamba Mentality into every facet of his treatment approach. With specialized board certification in both family medicine and osteopathic manipulation treatment, he's not just well-versed – he's at the pinnacle of clinical excellence. Choose Dr. Akram and experience a lifetime commitment to advancing health and well-being.


Discover the freedom of healthcare without hidden costs at MAMBA Physician Care in central Florida. Our unique concierge model is tailored to provide the best healthcare experience, all for a simple annual membership fee.

Say goodbye to the complexity of additional fee-for-service payments, third-party invoicing, and unexpected bills. With MAMBA Physician Care, you get transparent pricing and top-tier healthcare, all in one.

Join us today, and embrace a new era of healthcare convenience and excellence.

Modern Medicine With an Old School Twist

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